WATCH: Fauci Moves Targeted Posts AGAIN; “We don’t know how long the boost will last”

Although Dr. Fauci said the vaccine would “end” the pandemic. Now he’s saying that everyone needs boosters. Furthermore, he said he “doesn’t know” how long the boosters will be effective.

In other words, Fauci will want you to get booster shots every 6 months for the rest of your life.

CNN’s Steve Berman asks: “Now that you’re encouraging all adults to get vaccinated, what’s your definition of fully vaccinated?”

“You know, officially now, John, the definition of fully vaccinated is still two doses of Pfizer’s Moderna and one dose of J&J. It is a request when people talk about what is required for one or the other. But that doesn’t really contradict the fact that, as the effectiveness of a vaccine fades, you need to get that booster to improve your effectiveness, we’ll evaluate as more data becomes available. , now we don’t know how Fauci shocked to admit.

“If it lasts for a significantly longer amount of time, specifically the durability of the booster, allowing you to go for a significant amount of time without needing to increase it again, that’s a lot of money. can be identified as the full vaccination we talked about. about,” he added.

See below:

“If it turns out it’s attenuated and you may need intermittent shots, like we do with the flu, then the full vaccination will still be the primary vaccination, but you may need to update and upgraded it for many years. I hope that’s the former John, I hope that what we get is the maturation of the immune response beyond the six months that we’re starting to see the attenuation now. It’s my hope that we see that. But we will only have to do with the data, not what we hope for. We will review the data. And we will make data-driven decisions,” he concluded.

Fauci just opened the door again to life-long boosts. Splint for impact. WATCH: Fauci Moves Targeted Posts AGAIN; “We don’t know how long the boost will last”

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